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Scotty JX presents...

Interview with Scotty JX


Q. How and when did start?

A. Hello this is Scotty JX I am the owner of as well the Director, Photographer and Editor amongst 100's of other hats that I wore to create this dream of mine. I began the preparation for the paysite in 2001 when I first shot Veronica Zemanova with the flame thrower this was the first set shot for It started on the footsteps of a church believe it or not when my production manager asked me what locations I would want to shoot in next. I was thinking for about 10 minutes and was having problems coming up with new ideas to think of as I had already shot for 30 days in just about every elegant location in Eastern Europe. I than asked to him almost as a joke how about a tank and he said to me quite quickly no problem within 2 minutes it was arranged. The next thing I said was how about a flame-thrower and instantly he said no problem. So that's kind of how it began I already had the domain registered but didn't know what to do with it. So some early photosets of Veronica Zemanova, Sylvia Saint and Martina Fox were shot the summer of 2001. It took me till 2003 to have enough content to launch the site. The site opened its doors in June 2003. It took me 2-3 years to shoot and prepare the content to open the site up. Every summer since 2001 I have spent 3-4 months shooting new content for the site.

Q. What is

A. is a mix of Action and Girls Simply. Military Girls, Western Babes, Nazi Femdoms, Road Warrior Babes, Biker Chicks, Punks, Pimps, Ninjas, Sexy Spies etc...all related to famous Action Movies and Video Games.

Q. What is the philosophy?

A. is not merely a Girls with Guns site its a Action and Girls site. Of course my site features girls naked in the flesh and why not. In the 80's we all watched Chuck Norris and Van Damme run around blasting people away with their shirts off most likely to keep the women audience interested. I think for guys its more interesting to see hot females in same scenario. The big difference between videos is that I don't try and bore you with bad acting and wasted dialog scenes I kinda cut to the chase I figure if you don't have a good story and you don't have good writer and or script why try and pretend you do. As well if your a movie buff than most likely your on to the formula fairly fast and are only watching to see what are the action sequences like. People are smarter than most Studios or Directors might think. Of course creating bad dialog and corny acting can be funny at times but Id rather try taking another angle on things. Of course the bottom line is the subject matter of in itself is quite funny at times watching a gorgeous babe in the nude firing a rocket launcher for example. I don't think I need work harder at making it funny by throwing in corny dialog, besides there are already plenty of examples out there. And lets face it they are only throwing in that corny dialog most likely to create a story to get their R rating so they can get there flick into Best Buy etc... as most stores won't carry a movie unless it has a R rating due to political pressure and or rules. Sometimes of course specially as the story develops it is important to have some dialog it makes the story telling much easier. Don't get me wrong I love intelligent dialog in movies but you need to have good acting to deliver it, not to say that some of these girls cant act they could but they need pratice.. My belief is that most people watch action movies to be entertained and ride a roller coaster in a sence or atleast this is the fan base Im going after. So I try and tell the story as the action takes place. The text in the beginning is a setup for the world you are about to enter. The scenes are a collection of nude music videos that cut in between action sequences.


Q. What were you hoping to accomplish with this site?

A. Well there are many reasons for choosing to create Actiongirls VS Hundreds of other projects I could have worked on. If your going to spend 17 hours a day working on something its important to choose a project that is motivating and fun. For me spending only my whole life building typical porn sites would kill me.In the short term its fun because its new but after the first couple of designs your mind starts to drift other things. Specially when you have to create the content on weekly basis I can't imagine having to shoot in hotel rooms and white paper backgrounds year after
year. If your buying licensed content that's another story but when your the one creating it usually important that the guy creating it is enjoying his work. I
believe if you love what you make than itwill be successful. Of course try to love things that are marketable.The plans are simple to create a empire and take on the world!! HAHAHA no um well maybe. The site in allot of ways has already accomplished its short term goals. I've already profited before
hitting the DVD, Cable TV, Markets etc... so from a short term since
that's one good note. In the long term I hope to be working on Season or DVD volume 175 right now there 3 DVD's and volumes 4 and 5 are in editing. I believe that DVD's will be a even bigger success than the website. I hope that the series will continue for the next decade and each year as
the budget increases as I will always try and top the previous year.At first the site looked to many as a site for Girls with Guns Niche site many were saying quote "Isn't this that video I saw in Jackie Brown" since in the early stages most of the Action was nude models blasting off Large Machine Guns. The problem is those critics couldn't see what I had my hands on my desktop that was in editing. Since than finally the site is being realized as what its simply, Action and Girls not merely girls firing machine guns but more like a Action Movie only cut out the dialog and the complex quest for the holy item. Before I ramble on for another 10 paragraphs in general I want...To make allot of money! I love shooting hot girls and making action movies.My true love has always been to make Action movies but not necessarily under the Hollywood system. Im not limited by a army of Producers or Investors feeding me their options and input. But obviously in order to have that freedom you have to be profitable and obviously the more money you make the more freedom you have to create your vision. All I can say is what you see on the site now compared to what you will see in the future is nothing. This is only the beginning of what's to come right now we have tanks, mud fights, hand to hand combat. This will all be on a much bigger scale as budget's increase. The goal is to have the money to create a WAR of 1000 nude babes in combat on the battle field to create a full on war of naked babes with flying helicopter shots with the camera panning across the large scale battlefield.

Q. What did you think would be its appeal for guys looking for original content?

A. Well it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the porn market is saturated with free content. All it takes is a few searches on google to
find just about every niche your looking for free. And if your on a dial up connection you will be in heaven it would take you 5000 years to download
all the free movie clips and pictures that are for free on a dialup. So the appeal is not only to see something fresh but to watch something that is
FUN pure and simple.Actiongirls gives you your TNA but at the same time its a blast. C'mon, girls working out in the nude covered in oil, girls fighting, firing large weapons in the nude. Its practically heaven its like playing with Army Action figures for Adults only replacing the Army guys with Sylvia Saint and Veronica Zemanova. I think we all got tired in the 80's of watching ripped muscle men running around without
their shirts on blasting away firearms. Its a little more interesting for us guys to the girls in the same scenario. Our industry needs a example of a blockbuster and that's where Actiongirls comes in.You can see that by just watching our 3 trailers that this goes a little beyond what most sites are offering. Most sites out there with exclusive content have a gimmick just a couple of ideas and there off running with
it and generally its something you could pull off with a 10,000 $ budget but made to look like they have barrel of updates. That's because it doesn't cost much to buy a digital camera these days rent or shoot in a hotel or a white paper background. So Actiongirls has allot of spice and gravy on it much more than a plain hamburger. I think the appeal is the site stands out like a sore thumb amongst the 100's of
Hardcore sites out there. So the appeal is... Its a eye grabber, its fun and a little beyond
another Exclusive Girls wearing some guys domain on the T-shirt

Q. What do the models think?

A. They love it simply because its allot of fun when they show up on the set they can see this allot more than a basic photoshoot. There are sometimes
15 -30 people which is nothing compared to a big Hollywood movie but compared to your basic adult content shoot these girls are blown away.
Allot of the times with new models when they come to the casting Im telling them about the site and they are saying yes yes yes to everything not really
listening to me or understanding what being a Actiongirl entails. Meanwhile Im asking them questions which kinda comes to a shock like...
Can you fight? Can you ride a motorcycle? Have your fire arm before? Are you ok you get dirty on the floor? not your typical questions for a erotic photoshoot. But our stars are the real troopers they love it and it shows.

Q. Are they having fun?

A. Not many models are cut out to be Actiongirls. Allot of models look pretty but don't have the physical means of being a Actiongirl. You will find
that many models in the Adult world do not exercise to keep there bodies tone. Yes they look good but they can fall to the ground take after take nor can
they carry heavy firearms or fight. Its takes special models to be Actiongirls you must workout on a regular basis.Or course they are having
fun! Girls love to kick the crap the guys for once.

Q. Why if doesnt feature hardcore.. Does feature hardcore?


A. Well the bottom line is I am competing with other Adult sites. And of course if you going to appeal to the masses its good not to close your eye to the fact that are over 100,000+ Hardcore sites out there and there defiantly is a reason for it. The bottom line is soft material allot of times is workup
to the hardcore. Its like having a couple of beer and than taking shots of Jack Daniels some people are satisfied with a 6 pack and that's it
others work there way up to stronger stuff. The bottom line the 2 sites are separate you don't have to go into the Viewpornstars area if you don't
like that kind of stuff but for those who do which is the majority they get both of their needs satisfied.

Q. The girls-with-guns thing has been around for awhile as a niche genre,but this has a different feel. More dramatic, more plot, better models. What else do you think this brings to the table?

A. Well I think that Actiongirls is much more like Girls with Action Niche
than it is Girls with Guns. For example if you run to your local videostore and see movie with Jean Claude Van Damme holding a firearm we would expect see more than just Van Damme in the desert blasting away different guns for 90 minutes. goes well beyond merely a girls with guns niche video or website. At the same time this isn't a big Hollywood feature with Oscar winning Performances and a In Depth
story with tons of dialog scenes.On another note Actiongirls is not a Porn trying to pretend it has a story.We go beyond the local Halloween store
for our props and costuming. For the most part when I look out there and see this genre of video I see
allot of dragged out boring scenes that I would only fast forward through.A girl shooting a gun off is only amusing for maybe 5 minutes
anymore would start to to drag a bit. For the most part allot of these type movies have 90 minute running time 45 minutes of jibber jabber about broken relationships etc.. 30 minutes of love making and if you lucky 15 minutes of Action. Im sure that's ok for them as the local
cable networks are eating them up some of the ladies like that love making stuff. But for us guys that kinda stuff I think bores us to tears. And you feel betrayed because the cover looked like wow hot babes and lots of action! As well where are the Babes? Most of them have these big puffy hairdo's and the babes are all covered up the whole movie maybe showing a crack of the boobs. give you exactly what you would expect the hottest nude babes and a whole lot of action. It take a bit more of production value and thought to create something that's entertaining without the
hardcore element.I bring a whole lot more to the table than merely girls with guns... Imagine a movie with non-stop action with almost no dialog yet there is
still a story to be told as the action takes place. This is the premise of the Actiongirls story.

Based in the future, the world as we know it has been destroyed. Menacing gangs ravage and loot the cities and towns searching for new members.
Follow the Actiongirls each week in their ongoing story of survival, alone and outnumbered they must do what it takes to survive in this hostile world.
My videos feature the Actiongirls in hand to hand combat, Fighting on Tanks, Fighting to the Death in Mud, Kick Boxing, Swimming, Jumping Rope,
Blasting away 300 bullets from a Mini-gun in 2 seconds.or example one scene you will see Martina Fox firing a Pipe Bomb blowing a bad guy 25 feet in
the air.And for the most part the Actiongirls are completely nude while performing making each scene just a little more interesting.
You will not see any short or even long dialog sequences only non-stop hot babes in action.As well all these scenes take place in the same world so at anytime these the Actiongirls could meet each other either to help one another or be bitter enemies.

So in general to answer your question... is more like a world than it is a movie I create more and more scenes that add on to the world making the site more and more complex and interesting.

Q. Any big names coming down the pike? Aria Giovanni, Adele Stephens, Tera Patrick...?

A. Yes I do plan on featuring more of the stars like those mentioned out there I have worked with Aria for example before. Im not really sure if those models would want be a Actiongirls because of the strenuous exercise. For photosets it would be no problem for them but for the video specially the fighting the girls need to be working out on a regular basis this way when they get into a situation where there is fighting and action there muscles are
ready for it. But on a good note Im always looking for new models to make into stars that has been my forte of the past with many success stories. I have a ton of new models in editing now so look out for new knock-out stars at


Q. What is your history in photography?

A. I have been working in the adult business for 9 years now as of 2005 I am 32 years of age. At first I only did the web end of things but in 2000 I decided why pay a photographer to have all the fun. So I went up to Samy's Camera in Hollywood to buy my first still film camera. Most of my education was learned on set by watching photographers I hired and asking questions. As well I bought several books on the art. Since than I have shot well over 500 or more photosets and numerous strip tease videos. I have been published in Playboy, Bizarre, Addict Magazine, FHM, Ladsmag and more over the the last year as well. My first stab in the erotic biz was my site which is content for webmasters. Than I decided to go exclusive with the launch of I got a bit tired of shooting the typical themes and creating content that only will be forgotten I decided to create something memorable and something that grabs your attention. I should also point out I have known that I wanted to make action movies since 13 years of age. So allot of planning and research went into the movie making process over my early years. I made several 100 home movies before 19 years of age. I always knew this would be the business I would want to be in although I would have never imagined I would end up in the Erotic biz and meet the most beautiful nude women in the world. I remember back in school when I used to draw heavily and I would bring my works to the class and draw crowds to see my new creations so I guess I wanted that feeling again. I was fairly good in black and white pencils at a young age and used to draw naked women from Playboy and Penthouse. In fact I got so good at it I could sell my arts for 2.00 at school. I would use the money to pay for lunch or a extra hamburger.

Q. The girls on your site are beyond hot. How do you find the right women to be action girls?

A. Well it is very hard when I find a model I like I usually shoot the hech out of her. The hard thing is finding hot models that dont mind cracking a few nails and rolling in the dirt. There are tons of beauties out there but when your fighting, wrestling and firing large fire arms it takes a bit of exercise. Most models will all say I can do it but I warn them before hand because in the end the shots have to look good. And you dont want a model shooting 1 day and than being sore for the whole week. Sometimes if the scene calls for a punch there could be 15 takes from diffrent angles before its right so imagine throwing 15 punches in a row at full strength if those muscles arent ready they will get sore.I treat the models good but the things is it isnt easy being a Actiongirl. For photosets it would be no problem for them but for the video specially the fighting the girls need to be working out on a regular basis this way when they get
into a situation where there is fighting and action there muscles are ready for it. I will tell you all the Actiongirls that you see in the video have been real trooper they are not only beautiful but hard working models.

Q. What are the girls initial reaction to the scenes they have to play? Any problems with a naked girl not wanting to shoot a bazooka? (Any funny stories while shooting any gun stuff?)

A. Not many models are cut out to be Actiongirls. Allot of models look pretty but don't have the physical means of being a Actiongirl. You will find that
many models in the Adult world do not exercise to keep there bodies tone. Yes they look good but they can fall to the ground take after take nor can
they carry heavy firearms or fight. Its takes special models to be Actiongirls you must workout on a regular basis.Or course they are having
fun! Girls love to kick the crap the guys for once. Yes there are several funny stories. Watching a girl fire a rocket launcher down the middle of the street topless creates quite a few laughs. Martina Fox for example there are 2 explosions that you will see her walking in front of maybe 10 -15 feet away. Martina only preped for those 10 mintues before shooting began. We lost the first one cause she flinched when the explosion went off but after that she was perfect. As far as funny goes... My first shoot was with Veronica Zemanova and a 6 foot long 50 pound flamethrower. This flame thrower is custom made and shoots out 30 foot flames. When pressing the gas button it sounds like a small jet taking off. The funny thing is we were shooting at a small airport with old world war 2 planes. There were also people there training to fly so there were like 30 people walking around while we were preparing the shoot. Veronica was in makeup when the flamethrower arrived. 2 men pulled up in a Van and prepared the gas for the flame thrower I myself had'nt used it nor scene it in action. When the guys were ready they fired up and gave me some test bursts to show me what would happen. The thing was so loud and powerful that everyone one at the base had stopped all stairing at what we were doing. Even Veronica was wall to wall smiles. When Veronica finally got done in makeup and was handed the flamethrower she put ear plugs in her ears because it is so loud it could damage her ears. Problem was when Im yelling directions at her she cant hear me and of course I want to be as close to the action as possible. On one occasion Veronica yelled what and pointed the flamethrower my way. Me and my assistant jumped back like 10 feet and told Veronica watch out where you point that thing. I could help but laugh to see her. I think every day on the set of Actiongirls is a blast and alot of fun for everyone. Its a nice break from hotel rooms and hot tubs.


Q. Most of your photo setups seem to take place in public areas. Have you ever had any problems with a passerby accidentally stumbling in?

A. Yes many of times.... One time I was shooting at a large castle. I didnt know til I got there that they were going to be conductiing tours of the castle. I was a bit bothered as this was only brought up at the last minute. The model was new only 19 and not a good poser but friendly suddenly a crew of 50 people are behind me grandmas and all sorts this was in Eastern Europe. I had my assitant stand and try and block but husbands were trying for a peak. One man was slapped by his wife.

Its a rush all the time thats why its good to have many assistants in these type of locations.


Q. How about the police. You deal with naked girls and weapons, that seems to be a prime excuse for the cops to come running.

A. Normally we call the police to let them know we are shooting and will be shooting a movie in the area in case they are called when we are firing weapons. But there have been a few times where the police arrived and every time they have totally cool infact helping out and sometimes I hire the police to help me stop traffic etc... One night I was shooting on the street in Europe at night and the models clothes were to far away to throw them on they pulled up and the girl was completely nude. My heart was racing and they said do you need help? Let us know and than they left... this is in Eastern Europe though America Im sure would be alot diffrent.

Q. Do you take videos at all photo shoots?

A. All the current Actiongirls videos and movies are shot by me yes but I plan to hire new photographers soon.

Q. Do you have any feature length videos with a story?

A. Of course yes. this is the basic premise behind the story all scenes in the actiongirls videos take place in the same world.

Based in the future, the world as we know it has been destroyed. Menacing gangs ravage and loot the cities and towns searching for new members. Follow the Actiongirls each week in their ongoing story of survival, alone and outnumbered they must do what it takes to survive in this hostile world.

Q. Any hard-core action in any of your videos?

A. There is no - hardcore action. Actiongirls Videos are not XXX if anything they are adult and are non rated. They go a little beyond what you might see in a Playboy video but not much further. There are sexual acts in the thrid volumes between girls but non penetration scenes.

Q. What can people expect to see coming in the future?

A. Allot more action. This year look for Grizzly Bears, Zombies, Attack Dogs, Rats, Large Scale Battles, Monster Trucks, Elephants. As well more Actiongirls competions see models fight to in the Battle of the Babes to be the next Actiongirl model.


Q. What is the story of
A. Based in the future, the world as we know it has been destroyed. Menacing gangs ravage and loot the cities and towns searching for new members. Follow the Actiongirls each week in their ongoing story of survival, alone and outnumbered they must do what it takes to survive in this hostile world.
Q. What is all about?

A. Visited over 5 million times a day, is one of the most well known adult sites on the net. It's the closest thing to mainstream meeting adult in over a decade!

As you know most Adult movies that feature production value on their covers fail to deliver once you take them home. Well DVD's deliver you get exactly what you see on the box and more. Actiongirls will go down as one of the most talked about DVD titles this year.

Costing into the millions of dollars to create is guaranteed to be a classic.

Q. Who are the stars of
A. DVD volume 1 features the most sought after Adult models in world. Veronica Zemanova is in the top 5 most downloaded Nude Babes in the world. And everyone knows Sylvia Saint of course, this isn't old footage shot before she left the biz in 2000 this is brand new gear. I have been working with Sylvia Saint now for over 6 years and have stock piled quite a bit of new footage. In 2006 we are proud to welcome Playboy's Model of the Year Erica Campbell as a new Character. As well we have up and comer Susana Spears who has built a tremendous amount of popularity on the internet.
Q. Who is Scotty JX?

A. I am the owner of the well known adult site and I am the photographer and Director of all the material as well the editor of all the footage on volumes 1-4. My photographs have been sold to 1000's of Adult Websites across the Internet. 2 years ago I decided to stop shooting for other people and start my own paysites first launching Viewpornstars in 2002 than came in 2003.

Q. What's planned for the future? Will this be the last we hear of Scotty JX?
A. Not quite. The is only the first of many Actiongirls DVD volumes. Volume 2 is now available and 3 and 4 are already completely finished in editing. Volumes 6-13 are already shot and in post production now will release end of 2006 and 2007. I hope to be working on DVD volume 159 thats the goal. Each volume increases with production value as the budget increases.


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