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Name - Veronica Zemanova

Age 28

Background - Before the world was ended Veronica's character was a famous

Goal - To find the 2 men that raped her.

Turnons - Veronica's Character is turned on when she is shooting large weapons.

Behind the Scenes Info - Veronica worked out in the gym diligently to
prepare for her role in the
Story. She like working on the Actiongirls project as it is fun
and different.

Name - Susana Spears

Age 22

Background - Susana's character was captured by Adriana's gang and trained
in all sorts of hand to hand combat. She fought as a gladiator as entertainment for the terrorists.

She later escapes from this gang and turns
against them.

Goal - To destroy all the members of her former terrorist gang. And to stop
the Army of the Dead lead byAdriana Zarcova.

Turnons - Susana's character enjoys beating the hell out of people it makes
her horny.

Behind the Scenes Info - Susana is always working out and took stunt
training lessons to prepare for her fight scenes. Susana as well loves working on this the projects as she loves it because it is fun and different.

Name - Sylvia Saint

age 27

Background - Sylvia's character's parents were killed when she was only 18.
Sylvia has trained herself
to use guns and survival tactics in order to survive in the apocalyptic

Goal - To survive in this hostile world and live at peace.

Turnons - Sylvia's character would like to be with a Man. But the Actiongirls world is a
lonely place and not easy to find someone.
Sylvia loves shooting the bad guys and fighting. It Makes her horny to see
herself in a mirror with the guns.

Behind the Scenes Info - Sylvia worked out heavily for her role in

Name - Martina Fox

age 23

Background - Martina's character is a explosives expert and a thief. She
enjoys playing with fire and killing for fun. She also enjoys
robbing. Originally Martina was a member of a gang of thieves and murderers.
But when she wakes one morning only to
find that her own gang robbed her she wants nothing more than kill them all.

Goal - To get revenge on her old gang that robbed her.

Turnons - Fire makes Martina Horny. Also she loves to talk dirty and loves to
be talked to dirty.

Behind the Scenes Info - Martina is a friend of mine so whenever we work
together it is fun.

Name - Adriana Zarcova

Age 25

Background - Adriana's character is the head of all evil in the Actiongirls
world. She is girlfriend of the leader of the
most notorious and largest gang in the Actiongirls world. Her boyfriend is a
perve and is attracted to strong women
who can fight. Adriana is enraged in jealousy of the Actiongirls and wants
nothing more than kill every last one them.

Goal - to kill all the Actiongirls and rule the world.

Turnons - Adriana's character loves blood and is turnon by torture.

Behind the Scenes Info - Adriana is extremely professional never late to a
shooting. She is one of the most
professional nude models ever. Adriana is actually the exact opposite of her
character she is extremely nice
and respected. I absolutely love working with her. She says working with me
brings out a dark side in her
that she never knew was there in fact it scares her sometimes to see her
acting in the movie.

Name Nancy Lane

Age 21

Background - With a former Military background Nancy Lane was a cop before
the world ended.

Motive - To be left alone and live at piece.

Turnons - Being in the hot sun and rubbing oil all over her body.

Behind the Scenes Info - Nancy Lane aka Peaches is a blast to work with. We
haven't worked together
as much as some of the other Models. But Nancy is always
funny and joking and a very
happy girl. I laugh allot of times with her as she is a joker.


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