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What are people saying about Scotty JX and

Magazine and Website Critics on

FHM says...

"What is it that the American Scotty JX and the Al-Qaida guys have in common? They love to blow up things."

Aint it Cool News says...

"With all due respect to the Suicide Girls, if the Actiongirls had to fight them they'd probaly pull out their nipple rings and laugh at their tattoos until they cried. Then they'd get on their police motorcycles and do donuts around them, kicking dust in their sad raccoon-eyes."

Playboy Magazine says...

" takes a flamethrower
to the idea that downloadable skin clips can't look good.""

" is The Rolls-Royce of naked-girls-with-guns websites"

Penthouse Magazine says...

"A Smash-Hit...This is the twisted vision of Scotty JX, a small-town computer geek turned soft-porn visionary who is combining every man's loves of naked women and action movies into one irresistible package"

Hustler Magazine says...

"Scotty JX is a genius... Action girls showcases breathtaking women who kick ass"

Bizarre Magazine says...

"The search for the most gratuitous concept humankind has ever come up with is over. So please congratulate a guy named Scotty."

Veronika Zemanova says ..

"To work with Scotty is great adventure and sometimes it gets kind of
crazy. It's a great workout especially for abdominals because he is so
funny that you have to laugh the whole day. He loves what he does and
that makes action girls special and different from others who creates
websites just to make money, that makes us models to have the same
attitude, to model for action girls is not just work is creativity and


" Scotty JX is like Hugh Hefner, Stanley Kubrick and Arnold Schwarzenegger trapped inside one man's fevered brain and WWW.ACTIONGIRLS.COM is the end result of that twisted tumult!!  I am UBER FUKKEN stoked to have my music serve as a soundtrack to Scotty's DVD MASTERWERK! I have alerted everyone i know to WWW.ACTIONGIRLS.COM and it is unanimous that this UBERMENSCH is clearly a sublimely gifted genius!!"

Armando Huerta - Artist says...

"Guns, Girls and Action ! You can't ask for more!. Action Girls is the best High Octane website on the net !!!. And I'm very proud to be part of it."

Lorenzo Sperlonga - pin up artist says...

"I love to paint sexy women and I love to paint guns.
In I got the best of both worlds!
So if you see it from my point of view, this is the kinkiest website out there!"

Jonny Hetherington (Art of Dying) says...

"Scotty J and Action Girls are a class act.
Sexy women and rock n roll go hand in hand like peanut butter and
And ActionGirls knows peanut butter!"




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